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Regarding relative links:

After trying "about", "/about", "\about", "about.html", "/about.html", and "\about.html" I kept running into the issue where, after clicking "About" on the header and being taken to the About page, if I were to click it again it would take me to the URL "www.swiggler.tk/about/about.html" (where there should only be one "about" but there is two.

So appearantly it interprets the /about to be added to the end of the CURRENT URL and not the home directory. If there's a solution, it'd be nice to know, but what I did is just put in Rebrandly redircet links (starting with resource.swigglergaming.com) to forward you to the correct page, that way if I move the whole website I can just change the destination instead of changing every link inside the code.

As a side note, I've looked at other souce code and noticed other relative links using a forward slash, not a back slash. I tried it and it works. Is there any reason to use one over the other?

UPDATE: Relative links work now

Regarding header alignment:

To preserve spacing between the header titles (Home, About, etc), I left them left aligned. If you'd like me to, I can center align them and try to make up for the spacing by changing the cell widths instead.

Also, I could center the table, but it would only make a slight difference since it already spans the width of the page, and it would make the little logo in the top left seem out of place.

Regarding the phrase: "The table's border and background are styled appropriately":

I'm not sure what the requirement was there, but if it was to make the header look more like a header than a table, I think I covered that.